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“Do not tell my cattle!”: network laughing over the wreck of the Russian Federation

"Не смешите мой скотовоз!": в сети хохочут над крушением корабля РФCattle from Lebanon sank scout ship of the Russian Navy.

If the most idiotic shipwreck gave the prizes, then the average intelligence ship black sea fleet of Russia “Liman” was clearly out of the competition.

The shores of the Bosphorus a Russian ship equipped with the “modern” intelligence apparatus, did not notice coming towards him across the Lebanese cattle under the flag of the one with the proud name “Ashot 7”.

Tellingly, let Liman to the bottom “Ashot 7”, no visible damage continued his “sheep” flight.

I wonder how the country’s intelligence agencies of scrapie reported to the head of Russia about the next triumph of the Russian fleet?

Probably, the report of the GRU “Ashot” was presented as the latest development of “Bandera scientists” (at the secret classification of the APU, destroyer type “and Zorian Shkiryak”), who under the guise of peaceful suhagrat released the Nikolaev shipyards in the sea to begin “hunting” for warships of the black sea fleet.

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And in the report, the FSB might raise the status of “Ashot” to the joint operation of the CIA and British MI-6. They say, “Ashot No. 7” is deeply conspiratorial agent of her Majesty’s 007 with a license to kill ships of the Russian Navy.

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Well, for domestic consumption Soloviev and Kiselev in the idiot box will tell about the brilliant Putin’s “mnogohodovochke”. Liman went to the bottom of the Bosphorus, not just so, and on a special assignment with the secret intelligence mission. And that is true, from the bottom of the sea is much safer to follow the courts NATO and the Ukrainian military-Togolese flock of seven predatory “Ashot”.

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Spring at the Bosphorus peacefully floated skodowska To “Ashot”, pacifist sailed thousands of sheep. He scout “Estuary” met in the blue sea, And it is the ship of Russia to a sudden end.

Say “Ashot” in the Black sea goes seven, Miraluna of Shkotovsky, but, apparently, not to all. And Russian vessels in the sea, so long had their way, it is Better to skip “Ashot” than ignominiously drown!

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