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Do not miss the main signs of metabolic disorders

Не пропустите главные признаки нарушения обмена веществMetabolism can be called the most important process in the body, because its success depends on how well all the organs!

Metabolism is not just a good absorption of food is a complex chemical process, whose main purpose is to support the work of all organs and systems.

Remember that a good metabolism is not only the excellent work of the intestine, it is much more difficult, up to the ability of each cell to metabolize or synthesize useful substances to perform its functions, for example, for the protection of the body or energy.

On the one hand, the metabolism is quite stable, for example, a couple unplanned pies eaten it is unlikely to break. But on the other hand, his failure may be initially unclear, and you risk realized too late – and then the treatment will be long and difficult.

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Name the main signs of metabolic disorders. If you see at least two of the following, you should consult a doctor!

A sharp increase or decrease in weight.

The discoloration of the skin: it can become dull, yellowish or reddish.

Bowel problems (disorders or constipation).

Shortness of breath at the slightest physical effort, or even without it.

Destruction of the teeth.

Thinning hair, brittle hair and nails, splitting nails.


Why the metabolism?

The reasons may be several, the most widespread is the commitment to the hungry diets, irregular or unbalanced diet, for example, an excess of carbohydrate food. The abuse of alcohol, lack of sleep and movement can also trigger a metabolic disorder. By the way, the predisposition to metabolic disorders can be inherited: if your parents have had such problems, then you are at risk. It also happens that the disturbed metabolism is a concomitant symptom of a disease.

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If you eat healthy food, rest well, load themselves physically, but see the signs of violation of exchange processes, you should definitely consult with your doctor.

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