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Do not invent and do not produce

Не изобретай и не производи

“…The Director of the physics Institute of the Russian Academy of Sciences (LPI RAS) Nikolay Kolachevsky is suspected of aiding the smuggling of optical elements”.

Suddenly “masks-show”, flak jackets, submachine, searches at the Institute and at home.

“According to the investigation, 12 December 2018, some persons from the leadership of the company “Triptiks” was taken from Russia to Germany, equipment which sent the customs Declaration. While it was allegedly applied the bogus conclusion of the Federal service for technical and export control on the impossibility of using these two optical elements in creating military equipment”.

“FSTEC later this conclusion is annulled, because the firm provided for its preparation “inaccurate information”. With reference to the expert opinion of the Krasnogorsk plant named after Zverev, the decree specifies that these products “present a complete precision optical elements for further applications in opto-electronic devices and complexes for military purposes, are the products of military purpose, and used, including opto-electronic devices for passive monitoring of air targets, their size, motion paths and speed of movement”.

The logic of events is very reminiscent of the beginning of the persecution at Olga Zelenin and, in General, the so-called “Poppy case”. There are some “experts-specialists” providing security forces the conclusion on the basis of which a legitimate area of activity suddenly outlawed. Whether the turnover of food poppy or high-tech manufacturing of scientific instruments. By this logic, any scientific collaboration with Western laboratories can be declared criminal. Modern physics (and only physics) is inextricably linked to precision instruments, including optical. As practice shows, the law enforcement agencies is not difficult to find “expert” who agrees to sign the appropriate conclusions. On the basis of these findings retroactively voided all previously obtained in the state structures of resolution and the fact that yesterday was entirely legal, overnight in someone’s interests is declared criminal.

After the collapsed “Poppy case”, it became clear that it had ordered and it was attended by the commercial interest of individuals associated with the power structure (at that time the Federal drug control service). It is highly likely that the true cause of the case against the physics Institute also has a custom character. But we’ll find out soon.

The offensive of security forces in science takes place on a broad front. It is the case of Viktor Kudryavtsev (lesson: do not communicate with foreign colleagues via e-mail), and the new Ministry of education (moral: do not communicate with foreign scientists), now the LPI and high-precision instruments (moral: don’t invent and not produce anything high tech — the enemy does not sleep). It is obvious that in such a situation the National project “Science” boils down to sawing allocated to it more than 300 billion rubles.

Andrey Rostovtsev, physicist, co-founder of “Discerneth”

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