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Do not go, it will devour you! Review of the film “the Project “Monster”” (2017)

A pair of hapless friends, business of creating fake records with monsters, get a team together for the filming of their own documentary show on the supernatural. As locations for the first issue they choose an old house that had satanic rituals, and as guests of strange personalities who considers himself a werewolf, a vampire and possessed. And when you start shooting, the guys realize that he was in real danger.

The film, the plot of which, as noted by a colleague Podolsky, more like a joke, put the newcomer in a feature film Victor Matthew. Originality in his work – enough to swear, it generally fails to consider the authorship, but rather a dump of worn-out cliches. The same sudden appearance of the monster behind the hero in the mirror, apparently used only because it saved on the mirrors, but weeping with their backs to the camera girl who turns abruptly with a terrible face, here shown as many as three times – by not sick then had to revise the result? But genre clichés creators was not enough – sometimes they start brazenly stealing entire scenes from other films (for example, one of the episodes almost frame by frame repeats knock on the door from the opening scenes of”Curse”). Amadae total operated, of course, quite a successful and very similar in the direction of horror “grave encounters”.

And at the same time as the list here complied with all the basic mistakes horror film in the style of “found film” – the camera sometimes records the scene without any motivation for the shooting, the operator is actively waving the device, and frightened, much louder than the audience. And “fear” are shown here as random cries of the type “shit!” and “oh, hell no!”. And if the actor Jamal Koisuru paid a dollar for every like exhale “Oh shield” in the frame, from the set he left a millionaire. This increases empathy and there is an effect of “presence”? But not a drop. But annoying so lazy and unconvincing approach more than a lot. Besides, in the script there was a place and bored to death in horror in recent years the subject of exorcism – is it not possible to turn the story in a more original direction? At least, to push the three monsters in a small but spirited fight. But you will not wait – even the monsters are not going to be all together in one room, so what about any entertaining battle speech can not be, no matter how obviously a good addition to a story, it may seem.

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The only one whose any effort marked is a writer who attempted to shuffle horrorshow line with the personal conflicts of the characters. It turned out simple but surprisingly convincing, although not without local “weeds.” That’s why heroes should deprive themselves of the means of communication, leaving the phone in the car “so they do not interfere”, do none of them have heard about the mute function? And if would-be Directors just in case took with him a crucifix and a stake, why the transformation of their guests into monsters was really such a surprise? And why was that meeting with three supernatural creatures in one night? And, for dessert, really big werewolf not to knock the flimsy wooden door? And to get away from the beast towards the city and towards the forest – this even merit a separate category for wit.

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As “scary” toppings are used exclusively screamers, is also remarkable, but when viewed at night and with headphones a couple of times to start work (this, by the way, in the to view the “mocumentary”horror). Overall it feels that the creators are well discussed, and confidently put a few key scenes, but the space between them filled at a passing level to remain within the full-length movie. And more here to pay attention on that, because the soundtrack is not as such, the actors either play badly, or do not even try, and makeup monsters, albeit good in itself, but upon closer inspection (chance the camera a couple of times will give in full) is too rubbery.

“Project Monster” is nothing more than another cheap hack trying to parasitize on a rapidly dying genre of “found film”. The film is almost all done “for show”, and even relatively viable script does not save the poor effects and in surprises the performance. You can watch, but not recommended.

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