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Do not believe and do not ask. Fear

Не верь и не проси. Бойся

And you think that after some time for the story about the family Perchikova may be punished. If the Investigation Committee believes that the entire history of the persecution of this family is fake – because the relevant law is ready! And Perchikova bait, and journalists will punish only the villagers living in shit and poverty will be satisfied with the triumph of justice. Peskov says that Moscow by Persikovymi is unlikely to help.

And it is logical. Why does the President have from the Kremlin to solve all the problems of all disadvantaged, orphaned and needy – then why do the country need some kind of power, if all eventually have to deal personally Vladimir Vladimirovich? But do not do you, pigeon, have created this situation? When the Direct line with Putin turns it into any time of the year in Santa Claus, who gives presents and solves problems that should be resolved peacefully without it, but for some reason not solved! So Tasia Perchikova, glorious, wonderful, but still very naive girl writes not the head of the district, who lives two houses down from her, not the Governor, not at least the envoy and writes straight to the Kremlin. And there these letters, probably a kutafia tower and the Palace of facets.

We especially do not think about how to live then those lucky ones who got the assistance of the President and who was famous all over the country and hit the TV. Maybe it’s not healthy to live? Maybe these people are experiencing the same hatred and persecution, as a mother and daughter from the Pskov region? The main problem of our country is ourselves. Envious, angry, submissive. They live in their village, receive a penny humping like hell, no prospects in life except the toothless old age, and alcoholism – and none of them utter a word. Sit silently scowling. Nobody demands, protesting, fist on the table will not crack. Suffer. Suffer a lifetime of his hopeless and humiliating position. Hoisted only when the 12-year-old girl dared Putin to write. And when he and his mother began to help strangers. Then shit flooded from the depths of folk, and then the voice lifted, and United and excited. Don’t be like everyone else. Of course! By persikovymi in addition to things and even 90 thousand roubles compassionate citizens. In the village the money for the whole year you can live!

But they still the laptop and the TV, and they are still tractor dreaming to, bastards! Unfair! But you just think how many of these stories and these families. When people work honestly, and even for two bets, and instead of life – survive! Having a job, not drinking, not walking, beg and get alms. So people are not bent on honest work, they need to collect money and items throughout Russia. Got Perchikova, but could request the help of the whole village, the whole neighborhood probably could have asked for. But the area suffered and was silent. The village was silent and endured. A guilty 12-year-old child.

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