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“Dnepr” – the first winner of the super Cup of Ukraine on basketball

«Днепр» - первый обладатель Суперкубка Украины по баскетболу“Dnepr” double-beat “Cherkassk Mavpy” and added to his collection of titles, the super Cup of Ukraine.

A huge step to the title of “Dnepr” made last week in Cherkasy, beating “Mavpy” with a difference of 25 points. In the home match of the wards of Denis Zhuravlev without any problems and retained a huge advantage.

The only aggravation in the match occurred in the middle of the second quarter, when “Mavpy” efforts of the American footballer Chris Coakley was ahead by 9 points. Dnipro immediately responded to the trouble and expense of pressure to the break and virtually eliminated the advantage of guests.

In the second half of the match finally became friendly. “Dnepr” due to the breakthrough in the final quarter for the second time upset the defending champion and gave the home crowd a double victory.

The super bowl became the fifth title in the history of the “Dnepr”. Previously, the club from the same city twice took the Ukrainian Cup and the super League Cup.

Dnepr – Cherkasy Mavpy– 80:75 (17:19, 21:20, 17:20, 25:16), the first match – up 101:76

Dnepr: timofeyenko (19 + 5 interceptions), Mishula (16 + 5 rebounds + 5 assists), Revzin (15 + 9 rebounds), zakurdaev (10 + 6 rebounds), Sundell (9).
Cherkasy Mavpy: Coakley (27 + 10 rebounds), Kobets (13), Chumakov (7).

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