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Dmitry Tarasov, the stars, Olga Buzova commented on her intimate correspondence

Loud divorce of Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov think is in the best traditions of the famous electroni leading which is itself now already free Buzova.

Network literally blew up the news about the dirt on the Olga, which was published after phone hack stars. Special attention is attracted bloggers intimate correspondence with Dmitry nagievym. In the chat, the presenter sent the famous handsome photos and videos of very naughty nature.

A review of the incident had to be Olga’s colleagues on the project “Dom-2”. Ksenia Borodina Buzova supported, noting that all correspondence is nothing more than a joke.


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“This is a good story for Oli, because she is a woman who is going through a divorce, she is crying and genuinely worried about this. I support her and believe that nothing terrible happened. People two weeks will postact and forget about it, and those who made it, — God will judge them. As for the history with Dmitry Nagiyev, I know that Olya and Dima — a good sense of humor and no love story in this is definitely not. It’s just a laugh, they make fun and all, Dima is always in this form communicates,” — said Ksenia

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His opinion with the portal, shared and Alain Vodonaeva: “Personally, I think that what happened Ola is not particularly hurt. Curious and that is this: in my opinion, this scandal is concerned with the public stronger than itself Buzova. Still, Olga has 12 years almost every day appears every day in the broadcast of the popular TV channel, and all of us other face personal and the public and we are better prepared for such shocks. I’m certainly not a connoisseur of adult men, as all probably know, but I’m absolutely clear Nagiyev popularity among women. In General, Buz! Don’t you dare get upset! Do you hear? Come in fact: now you are jealous of a good half of the female population of our country, because my dream is to be at least some relationship with Dmitry nagievym. And even more so in such tender and, judging by the correspondence, all friendly, like you have with him. Hang on, survive! And not so worried!”.

The very same Olga is also not left out: as it turned out, she did not know details of the incident. “I do not comment on illegal actions of people. For this is the law enforcement agencies. I am now in Berlin for an exclusive interview with Michael Fassbender and Marion Cottier in support of the film “assassin’s Creed”. I do not know what is happening there. Say that hacked my mail and iCloud. It is despicable. Cruel. I’m a free woman for 3 months. That’s all I can say now. I’m sorry, I’m busy — I have work to do,” said TV presenter in conversation with

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Just talked with Michael? Laughed, joked, and I hope I was able to get a good interview. I’ve been ready for this ?? And happy to talk about it, not that unfortunately interesting to many, due to the current situation… Michael Fassbender is an amazing actor and man. Nice to meet you! Just saw the new cool film “assassin’s Creed” with him and talked about this blockbuster. But ready to look again with you 5 Jan ?????? #creobits #blockbuster #Korovkina #myclassloader #Alabushevo#leading#aluplussolar#setallchanged

Photos published Olga Buzova (@buzova86) Dec 2 2016 6:18 PST

Dmitry Tarasov also had time to speak about the scandal yet official wife: “I Think now I can officially be considered a free man. All my doubts were confirmed. We have not managed to create a real family: I want kids, but unfortunately, this would have the desire of two people. From VIDOS I ****!”.

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