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Dmitry Tarasov spoke about the divorce with Olga Buzova and her angry fans

At the end of last year Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov are officially divorced. What was the cause of the breakup still remains a mystery. The presenter alludes to the fact that the athlete cheated on her, but the official statement prefers not to do.

Now fans are closely watching the personal lives of Tarasova. On the Network even rumors that the athlete’s secret romance with model Anastasia Kostenko, who’s pregnant with his child. Increased attention to the person Dimitri considers business as usual, because he was married to a public person.

“Olga is a popular girl with a large social circle, so such an interest in our separation is easy to explain. No one knows how I actually feel about it, let it remain with me,” said Tarasov in an interview

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According to the player, the first time the journalists did not give him passage, and even watched. Dmitry noted that does not read all that is written about him. “If they would read and even more so once reacted, it probably would have been lying in the psychiatric hospital and would not play in football,” — said the athlete.

Angry fans of Olga Buzova also bother Dmitri. Daily in social networks, the player receives hundreds of abusive messages and even threats. Many believe that Tarasov guilty that their marriage to Olga broke up. Dmitry admitted that calmly responds to criticism.

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“I have learned and teach their loved ones how to respond to it all. No time for those who wrote nasty things. A long time did not read. Don’t want to answer something someone to prove. And anyway, how many people hates me so much and loves. Nobody in life did not do anything wrong. I will go on”, — concluded the athlete.

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