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Dmitry Tarasov and Yegor creed sang about how “little left of normal girls”

Last week, Olga Buzova has filed for divorce from Dmitry Tarasov. After parting with the husband the TV presenter’s career went rapidly uphill. Song Olga “Under the kissing noises” instantly became a hit and the number of her followers on Instagram with every day increasing with such speed that Buzova will head the list of the most popular celebrities in Instagram.

The number of subscribers, as you know, not just a number, and the opportunity to earn good money. So, after the news about the divorce Olga earned on the advertising in the Network of 16 million rubles.

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Meanwhile, Dmitry Tarasov while away the evening in the company of friends. 7 Dec player driving around with Egor Creed and sang his new hit “Malo, Malo”. In his Instagram athlete has posted a video of the car and wrote that she loves songs with meaning.


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Video published tarasov23 (@tarasov23) Dec 7 2016 5:58 PST

“A little, so little left of normal girls.
I wanted to tell you that.
But I’m looking for her I will find her.
My girl, girl, girl, where are you, where?” — singing Dmitry and Egor. Looks like Tarasov, frustrated relationship with Buzova already wants to meet a new love.

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