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Dmitry Tarasov and his girl, goin ‘ home where he was going to live with Buzova

When Olga Buzova and Dmitry Tarasov were still happily married, they bought a luxurious country mansion. TV presenter and athlete began to equip the family nest with a dream that soon this house will be run by their children, however this was not to happen.

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After the divorce, the mansion went to Dmitry, and he is now engaged in its accomplishment with his new lover, model Anastasia Kostenko. In Instagram, the footballer posted a photo of Anastasia made in a country house. “Just putting finishing touches. Ordered the curtains in our house”, — has signed a frame Tarasov, and put the hashtags “family”, “children”, “happiness”, “comfort”, “peace”, “understanding”, “care”.

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Post by Dmitry caused controversy among his followers. Many began to blame the athlete that recently in this house he wanted to live with Buzova, and some remembered the prenup on the basis of which Olga was not able to claim jointly acquired property with Tarasov. Dmitry told fans that Anastasia is not going to sign such a document.

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Tarasov recently introduced Anastasia to his daughter from his first marriage angelina. It seems that the player is serious relative to the model.

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