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Dmitry Shepelev told about a new relationship

TV presenter Dmitry Shepelev recently for the first time gave an interview on TV, openly speaking about the loss of his civil wife Zhanna Friske. According to Dmitry, for a year and a half have passed since her death, he changed dramatically and became stronger.


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To survive the loss of a loved one was hard, but still Shepelev does not exclude the possibility of ever falling in love again. “Never say never. After meeting with Jeanne, I wasn’t planning to, not counted, what we both may occur. And now, hopefully, time will put everything in its place. My life does not end. Now, I feel very comfortable in a state of loneliness, but of course, I suppose that my status can change” — shared TV presenter in an interview

A few days ago, on the occasion of the release of the book “Joan”, was my first meeting with readers. To be honest, before last I had my doubts whether it is worth to do it. Still not popular romance novel, not a presentation of the author, not an autograph session. More. The book is a dedication written in order to save or to ease someone’s life. Why the meeting? But I was wrong. The first time I saw people for whom they wrote. Among them are past and current patients, their relatives, doctors, caring, thoughtful, compassionate people. We talked for almost an hour and a half. It said guests shared their stories, I had told her. It was a very warm meeting, important both for me and for my guests. Thank you! That is why I agreed with the proposal of the publishers to continue the meeting. On 30 November Moscow, shopping center European area of the Kiev station, 2, 4th floor, reading city, 19:00 — 02 Dec Moscow, the Moscow Dom knigi, 8 Novy Arbat, 2nd floor, 18:00 — December 10, Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky PR. 46, barrister, 16:00 Again, the funds collected from the sale of the book will be translated into the hospice charity Fund “Vera”. Prior to the meeting. #knyagina #remolcadores

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A photo posted by Dmitry Shepelev (@dmitryshepelev) on Nov 29, 2016 at 1:04am PST

Now Dmitry communicates with a very limited circle of persons: “the Main thing was to stay calm, my son, to preserve his childhood. All the gossip and scandals that are bred all around us, it was awful. To participate in them for me unworthy. Therefore, the circle was minimal.”

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Despite all, Shepelev enjoying the education of his son: “I like being a dad, I enjoy it. It is not a burden, and in any case not work. On the contrary, I’m looking for any spare minute to spend with her son. Although four years ago I would someone said, what happens to me, I would not have believed it. It resembles a very cruel and violent fantasy.”


A photo posted by Dmitry Shepelev (@dmitryshepelev) on Nov 10, 2016 at 6:11am PST

“I don’t want to hide from him what his mom was. Don’t want her actual absence in the house somehow had an impact on Plato. So I do everything that he could feel her presence. Talking with him about Jeanne, because it’s important for him and for me. At what age we talk about why isn’t she here? I don’t know. The son rapidly growing up. He’s three and a half years, and he recently easily solved the riddle about, A and B, which were sitting on the tube,” continued Dmitry.

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