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Dmitry Shepelev caustically joked about the book of Olga Buzova

Recently Dmitry Shepelev presented his book “Jeanne” in Saint-Petersburg. At the event he spoke with the press and with fans, each trying to take the time to give an autograph and take the coveted selfie.

A few days ago, on the occasion of the release of the book “Joan”, was my first meeting with readers. To be honest, before last I had my doubts whether it is worth to do it. Still not popular romance novel, not a presentation of the author, not an autograph session. More. The book is a dedication written in order to save or to ease someone’s life. Why the meeting? But I was wrong. The first time I saw people for whom they wrote. Among them are past and current patients, their relatives, doctors, caring, thoughtful, compassionate people. We talked for almost an hour and a half. It said guests shared their stories, I had told her. It was a very warm meeting, important both for me and for my guests. Thank you! That is why I agreed with the proposal of the publishers to continue the meeting. On 30 November Moscow, shopping center European area of the Kiev station, 2, 4th floor, reading city, 19:00 — 02 Dec Moscow, the Moscow Dom knigi, 8 Novy Arbat, 2nd floor, 18:00 — December 10, Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky PR. 46, barrister, 16:00 Again, the funds collected from the sale of the book will be translated into the hospice charity Fund “Vera”. Prior to the meeting. #knyagina #remolcadores

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A photo posted by Dmitry Shepelev (@dmitryshepelev) Nov 29 2016 1:04 PST


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Most often at the presentation there were questions about cancer, and not about personal relationships Shepelev and Zhanna Friske. “Surprisingly, in Moscow before the presentation of the book, I had a meeting with journalists that for the past hour asked me about where my son, who is sleeping with whom, where the money is, in General, about anything, just not about the disease! At the same time, when I met with readers, I realized that not in vain wrote this book — I heard so many heartfelt and important stories related to Oncology” — quoted Dmitry StarHit.

The cover of the book, Dmitry

However, not without tricky questions. Shepelev was asked why his book is worth more than the immortal works of Pushkin. In response, Dimitri allowed himself a very caustic joke to the address of Olga Buzova, which recently also became a writer and released my first creation.

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“You, of course, I would like to hear what the bastard turned down a price, but it is not! Price books determine the publisher, so if you have a rotten vegetable, throw it in there. I note that the money that the author receives from the sale of this book go to the hospice charity Fund “Vera” to help dying people. So how much would the book cost, I hope that the money will benefit. And the subject of my special pride is the fact that my work is cheaper than a book Buzova,” said he.

Of course, not without the ubiquitous questions about the relationship of Dimitri and family of Joan. After hearing the question Shepelev has changed dramatically, ceasing to smile and radiate kindness: “what do you want to give advice to me and my family?” He is clearly tired of endlessly stay in the center of the scandal and thirst of an audience, “fried” details.

With the last meeting in MDK Arbat. Thank you for a Frank conversation and fantastic support. Looking forward to the meeting on 10 December in Saint-Petersburg, Nevsky PR. 46, barrister, 16:00 #knyagina #remolcadores

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