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Dmitry Peskov said that he was proud to dance wife dressed as a concentration camp prisoner


On Friday, November 25, on the First channel was released a new release of “Ice age”. That evening all eyes were on the leading pair Tatiana Navka and Andrei Bourkovski. The dance has caused rough discussion in a Network. The fact that Navka and burkovsky decided to dance in the costumes of the prisoners in the Nazi concentration camps in striped uniforms with the star of David on his chest, the music is Beautiful That Way from the movie Roberto Benigni’s “Life is beautiful”.

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The performance of the pair caused a wave of indignation in the Network, she already managed to comment on the dance, saying that “our children need to know and remember about the terrible time.”

Also, according to female athletes, she has repeatedly performed in rooms like this, but for some reason this time the dance has caused such a reaction.



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Spouse grooves, the press Secretary of the President Dmitry Peskov also commented on the speech of the wife. “In my work I am severely limited in the possibility to comment on it. I am proud of my wife — all I can say,” said Dmitry.

By the way, coach rooms made skater Ilya Averbukh, who also did not stay aside and told that the idea of the entire room was exclusively his.

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