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Dmitry Malikov has apologized for remarks about a “shameless girl” Olga Buzova

Recently Dmitry Malikov published online rather ambiguous post, in which he admitted that he watched the clip, an aspiring singer Olga Buzova and encouraged to carve her as shameless girl!

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Publication of Dmitry Malikov (@dmitriy_malikov) May 17 2017 at 5:39 PDT

Of course, the countless army of fans of the rising star of the musical Olympus immediately rose to her defense and attacked with angry comments Malikov. The artist decided to explain his words in an interview to “KP”. Dmitry admitted that he simply joked: “How do you take it seriously. Of course, a joke! There on behalf of the king, I’m not king, I am Dmitry Malikov. Do not pay attention. Nothing I’m not criticized. Not serious my Twitter, I’m being ironic!”.

Publication from Olga Buzova (@buzova86) May 26 2017 2:19 PDT

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