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Dmitry Komarov and Vlad Yama reconciled live

Дмитрий Комаров и Влад Яма помирились в прямом эфиреThe eyes of the audience made up of prominent figures of Ukrainian variety art.

At the end of the fourth ether, during which of the show “dancing with the stars” took off one of the most controversial couples – Olya Polyakova and Stepan Misiurka, broke another scandal between Dimitri Komarov and Vlad Yama.

Dmitry responded emotionally Vlad Yama’s attention, calling him a “blind judge” after the room Babkin Vlad drew a parallel between Komarov and tree on stage.

“The jokes did not work – was just insulting. And it’s not just my opinion – in REDRUM many couples were surprised and said overkill. But even if the promise of this phrase was humorous, if it was said with humor for the four esters of these same jokes are all tired, as you can? “- wrote Dmitry in social networks.

In the fifth live host and judge more or less reconciled: after your room, where Dmitri appeared in the image from the movie “Wizard of Oz” Killer dot “and” in conflict with the Pit, first asked the judge show that masculine qualities it considers important. After a silence from the Pit of Mosquitoes noted that, in his opinion, it is – the courage and ability to admit own mistakes.

He apologized to the audience for being so emotional in the last broadcast and asked the Pit to shake hands with what Vlad said agreement.

Finally, at the end of the show Vlad Yama said that Dmitry has been clear progress.

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