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Dmitriy Nagiev lit in a new video Cord in the way.

Dmitry Nagiyev named by Forbes magazine in 2016, the highest-paid actor appeared in the short video, which is posted on his page in Instagram the musician and showman Sergey Shnurov. In the video the leader of group “Leningrad” in honor Nagiyev remade one of his songs – “the Music man”: now in the chorus of the song is the phrase “Music teacher”.

Dmitriy Nagiev lit in a new video Cord in the way.

Premiere of Comedy series “the Teacher” was held in 2014 and from that time on the screens out for the past three seasons. In the center of the story is comes from criminal circles, by chance got a job in a school as a physical education teacher. The main role in this series of the channel TNT played Dmitry Nagiyev, and the novelty became one of the most popular sitcoms of national television.

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Video from Instagram Sergei Shnurov

Video posted by Shnurov Sergey (@shnurovs) Nov 20 2016 8:02 PST

In the text of the new version of the song dedicated to the character of Dmitry Nagiyev from the TV series “the Teacher”, says: “the Music teacher is neither heavy nor light. For the teacher music is like a breath of air”. According to rumors, the channel TNT is working on a continuation of the story, but when the 4th season will be on the air, is not known.

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