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Dmitriy Nagiev fall in love with in the feature film “the Kitchen”

Next spring movie comes the film “Kitchen. The last battle”, which will complete the history of the series “Kitchen” on STS.

The painting appears familiar characters, as well as one who has long won the hearts of all the women of the country — Dmitry Nagiyev. Viewers will also be able to enjoy funny jokes from the master chef project — Dmitry Nazarov. For five years, during which removed the “Kitchen”, the actors already have enough friends that are not ready to leave after the final picture.

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“Will I miss the “Kitchen”? Of course I will, says the actor Dmitry Nazarov. We always want to return to where it was good. Over 5 years of working together we became not just a team, and like-minded people who are suffering for the cause. But now to be sad once, the shooting is still ongoing, and the most interesting”.

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In the story Victor Barinov, played by Dmitri Nazarov, at the personal request of the President of Russia will go to Sochi for world championship for professional chefs, where he can prove that he and his team are the best in the world.

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