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Dive UNDER SILVER LAKE in November?

Once again moved the date of the Russian premiere of the new film from the Creator of a gorgeous horror “It follows you” (a.k.a. “It”, It Follows) David Robert Mitchell, a neo-Noir Thriller “Under silver lake” (Under the Silver Lake).

Release is generally not very lucky with the date: first, he was thinking to release this summer, in June; then moved to the Prime Minister already in December; then he changed his mind and set out to arrange it for the 18th October. And finally (eventually??) threatening to finally release this movie in the car November 18, 2018. I hope – REALLY hope! – that this date is final.


Sam meets a girl, who the next day disappears under mysterious circumstances. Now he’s obsessed with bound to find it, and trying to find some clue in all that he sees and hears. Suddenly, he finds something like a code or string of secret messages. Opening of each subsequent message, it becomes more obvious that he was inside of a global conspiracy.

The main castes made up of Andrew Garfield (“For reasons of conscience”), Riley Keogh (“It comes by night”), Topher grace (“Predators”), grace van Patten (“boardwalk Empire”) and Jimmi Simpson (“hap and Leonard”).

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