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Distrust is a horror arcade game inspired by carpenteresque “Something”

The team from Novosibirsk Cheerdealers with the support of the well-known publisher Alawar present his new creation, in which every devoted fan of the horror genre finds a familiar tune. Still, it is an isometric arcade game “Distrust” inspired by the famous horror movie John carpenter’s “the thing” 1982.

In the story, the player will have to join the group of people exploring an abandoned Arctic base and trying to survive the attack of mysterious creatures. In addition, the protagonist is obliged periodically to eat, sleep and look for the outfit in order to survive and not go crazy. Locations and tasks will be generated randomly at each new start. Playable characters to choose from as many as 15 pieces each of them has an individual set of characteristics. And to the player in any case do not get bored, the creators have prepared four different versions of the ending.

The output of “Distrust” is expected to be released in August on Steam. And on the page of the game has the opportunity to see the first trailer and play the demo version.

Trailer in English:

Trailer in Russian:

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