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Disproved the myth about the benefits of fish oil

Опровергнут миф о пользе рыбьего жира Fish oil is not able to protect from a heart attack.

Capsules with fish oil, which is taken every day millions of people, in reality, useful only for victims of heart failure. Experts in the field of treatment of heart disease found that for this category of patients, these additives are required, and others are simply not needed.

Supplementation with fish oil in the form of tablets or capsules is absolutely useless for all people except those who are the victims of heart failure. Researchers from the American heart Association found that these pills can perform miracles with those who are recovering from heart attacks, since fish oil helps to protect them from further complications. But for healthy people these supplements do not represent any value. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

“We cannot recommend the use of additives with fatty acids omega-3 for primary prevention of cardiovascular diseases, – reads the statement of the scientists. – Host today millions of people are doing so, despite the complete lack of scientific evidence of the ability of these additives to protect people from heart attacks, strokes or death in those who do not have diagnosed heart disease”.

Even in the United States, almost 19 million people daily intake of dietary fish oil supplements in 2012. There is no doubt that in recent years their number has increased significantly, as in the popular scientific literature is a large-scale campaign to promote fatty acid omega-3.

The authors of this analysis examined the results of all currently available scientific randomized studies evaluating the role of supplementation with fish oil in preventing heart disease.

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