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Dispel the most popular myth about food after six

Развеян самый популярный миф о еде после шестиTo eat or not eat after six o’clock in the evening – one of the most pressing questions on nutrition.

This thesis is cluttered with numerous myths. In fact, if you do not eat after six, you can how to lose weight and gain extra pounds. That is the correct answer to the question – to eat or not eat after six: how to find a Golden environment – read the material nutritionist Tatiana Godard.

The secret night weight loss

If you don’t eat in the evening, you really will lose weight. With food we get the energy that comes mainly from carbohydrates and fats. Of the carbohydrates consumed for current needs, and part transformered into glycogen and stored in liver and muscles. When we need energy, your body uses glycogen, and only if not, are involved in fats.

If you don’t eat carbs for 20 hours, glycogen is completely used up and will start to burn fat. If you do not eat late in the evening, especially carbs, during the night it is possible to lose 300 grams, and even a pound of weight. When we sleep we don’t eat, but the energy is still spent on different internal processes.

I mean, really, if you don’t have carbs in the evening, only due to this significantly reduce fat stores.

Aging food

In the evening the metabolism is extremely low. If you eat heavy food in the evening, she will lie until morning with a stone in the stomach, to rot, to ferment, releasing toxins and calories from it will go to fat. Junk food is fast food, all kinds of animal fats (except fish), sweets and pastries.

Around 20:00 and 12:00 the next day in our body’s cleaning and restoration processes, which it is better not to interfere. Otherwise instead of clean up, the body will have to work on digesting heavy meals. As a result, people not only gain weight, but often hurts and is aging rapidly.

Ravenous appetite in the evening

Do not eat after six very difficult. Most people at this time are still at work, and at home, need to relax and pay off increased level of adrenaline. And the available for this means, of course, food! Especially if on a normal lunch day.

Therefore, if after a hard day you reach for food, it will lead to overeating. And this, in turn, to weight gain.

Why hunger makes you fat

On the other hand, is not too bad. Scientists have proven that strict formal fasting can lead to the same problems as gluttony: insomnia, exacerbation of chronic diseases and excess weight.

If you stop eating at 18.00, and the next meal allow yourself only in the morning of a new day, we condemn the body virtually semi-diurnal fasting. After starving a while, you, contrary to expectations, do not spend your existing fat and will add to it new, which will accumulate as soon as the food will enter the body after the break.

So eating or not eating?

The main rule, following which you will make your life easier and will forget about the evening and night overeating: adequate nutrition during the day. Ideally, have a schedule, in small portions five times a day (Breakfast, lunch, dinner plus two snacks). And the food is to plan.

If you have a goal to change your body, your health and your life for the better, it will have to invest a little time and effort. If during the day the body received enough of all the essential nutrients, you can restrict a light dinner and will eagerly pounce on fatty and sweet.

That is, after six is possible and necessary, but right. Ideal dinner: lean fish with a salad of fresh vegetables or root crops and greens. Or a piece of lean meat with the same salad.

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