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Dispel the major myths about skin care

Развеяны основные мифы об уходе за кожейThese misconceptions interfere with the right to care for the skin.

We already like so much to know, but still some advertisers and marketers of beauty-sphere manages to mislead us and tell stories about the wonderful rejuvenation.

Even in the modern world, where ordinary women deal in cosmetics sometimes better than a professional cosmetologist, there are still myths about skin care. Let’s debunk!

Myth 1: washing with hot water opens the pores. Pores insensitive to temperature. Really hot water makes a little swollen the skin, causing the pores and appear “open”. That is, the temperature still matters – wash your face with warm water.

Myth 2: the purification does not happen much. Happen! Just as it is possible to overfeed the skin, and it “peremyach”. Too active cleaning (often using aggressive means big pressure and intense friction) leads to dehydration of the skin and increase sensitivity. Use makeup, which is gentle to the native lipid barrier of the skin.

Myth 3: decorative cosmetics with SPF as effective as a sunscreen with SPF. No, of course! First, the “dekorativka” protects only against UVB rays and the dangerous UVA rays penetrate into the skin. Second, to cosmetics with UV filters protect from the sun, you need every two hours to update its layer. Are you ready to apply new makeup every two hours?

Myth 4: anti-aging cosmetics don’t use to 30 years. The value is not in your age and the condition of your skin. There are girls to start using anti-aging cream with antioxidants at 22-23 years.

Myth 5: cellulite can be eliminated. No, alas! With the help of exercises and routines for toning, you can reduce its symptoms, but to remove the “bumps” permanently fail.

Myth 6: skin gets used to the makeup. If the cream has ceased to operate, it’s no skin got used to it, it has changed its state, and the active components of cosmetics stopped working as it should.

Myth 7: people with dry skin age faster. Accelerate aging, sun exposure, Smoking, bad air, but not dry skin. But on dry skin the signs of aging more visible.

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