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Dispel popular myths about the benefits of wine

Развеяны популярные мифы о пользе вина All you need to know the measure.

Scientists say that to lose weight, and maintain the health of the teeth, and even be smarter than one available to each drink – red wine. That’s about it, experts told a medical talk show For Givet! If the wine helps to enhance your health.

Many have heard that red wine helps you stay healthy. And all thanks to the substance that is contained in this drink, resveratrol (a substance secreted by plants to protect against bacteria and fungi). Scientists came to the conclusion that the use of resveratrol reduces the need for calories. That is, from red wine you just don’t want to eat, and it helps to lose weight. - услуги фрилансеров от 500 руб.

Wine helps to lose weight. This is true, but it is important not to forget to eat right.

“Wine is an enzyme product and accelerates metabolism. It has a choleretic effect, accelerates intestinal motility, absorption of food. The resveratrol in red wine and speeds up the metabolic processes and helps us to lose weight,“ says nutritionist Lyudmila Goncharova.

Wine helps to remove plaque on the teeth. Unfortunately, this is a myth.

“Wine makes the RAID worse. In wine contains the same acid, the same sugar, which helps plaque to develop. In the fight against tooth decay important hygiene of the tooth cavity. To remove plaque it is possible only mechanical influence. Any wine not get rid of him,“ says dentist Maria Zimina.

Wine makes us smarter. It is not so.

“Wine does not improve brain activity. Just by drinking wine decreases anxiety. Accordingly, the person ceases to be shy and is not afraid for the wrongness of its decision“, — says a leading talk show Anna Kushneruk. The use of wine for health say a lot, but not everyone needs to believe. You can treat yourself to a good glass of wine with dinner, but most importantly, do not overuse it.

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