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Dispel common myths about the dangers of microwave ovens

Развеяны распространенные мифы о вреде микроволновой печиMany people still believe in it.

Microwave is listed in our kitchen helpers for a long time. With its help you can easily warm up food or to cook primitive meals.

Microwave oven has become an indispensable gadget for the modern Housewives and imagine cooking without it life is impossible.

However, as with any new thing, microwave traditionally becomes a subject of debate and discussion, which stretch for many years. Stereotypes around the use of this item of home appliances there are a variety of harmful waves, the risk of cancer and many other diseases.

The experts decided once and for all to debunk 4 common myths about microwave ovens.

Microwave reduces the amount of nutrients in food

One of the main concerns of opponents of the microwave oven is the fear that a microwave destroys all the beneficial nutrients contained in food.

How is the situation actually? In the course of any heat treatment changed the physical properties, chemical composition and nutritional value of food. Microwave is no exception, but all the fears about it are not justified.

If you find the optimal balance between time and cooking temperature, the nutrients and nutrients not just will not disappear, but better preserved. The main thing — do not overdo it.

A study was conducted in which scientists compared features of the cooking pan in the pan and in the microwave. The results surprised everyone: food, warmed in the microwave, kept in its composition more nutritionally beneficial to intestinal nutrients than cooked foods.

Microwave causes cancer

Still ongoing fierce debate between supporters and opponents of the microwave oven about how does this method of heat treatment of food Oncology.

To date, the most studied carcinogens are heterocyclic aromatic amines (NSA). These substances are formed in protein-rich foods under high temperatures.

According to some, in chicken, cooked in a microwave oven is much more carcinogens NSA than baked or boiled. With fish and beef things the opposite way. In any case, the influence of microwave ovens on the emergence and development of cancer has not been proven.

Meanwhile, the NSA absolutely is not formed in the already prepared food that you just heat in a microwave oven, so experience is not necessary.

In the microwave not to heat plastic

It is believed that under the influence of high temperature plastic kitchenware emit carcinogens that get into food and can again cause cancer. That is why a pot is not recommended to reheat food.

This is true, but only partly. Modern plastic bottles are made in compliance with high safety requirements. It withstands high temperatures and is designed specifically for heat treatment in the microwave. Search for a special marking on plastic containers. If you do not find it, then heat food in glass or ceramic dish.

Microwave kills harmful bacteria

Microwave is not a UV lamp. Yeah, the heat treatment helps to kill some bacteria, but the miracle from a microwave oven should not wait.

When heated in a microwave oven the heat is distributed unevenly. This increases the risk that not all bacteria will be eliminated as a result of thermal processing. Suggest be sure to stir food in the cooking process and flip it. This will help to reduce the risk of food poisoning.

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