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Disease X: who experts warn about emergence of new serious threats

Болезнь Х: эксперты ВОЗ предупредили о появлении новой серьезной угрозы The world health organization expects the emergence of unknown disease.

Experts of the world health organization warn the population about the appearance of new unknown diseases, which they called “Disease X”. While it may be that the disease has not yet appeared.

Who experts have never been so puzzled, as reported by those close to them the Western media. Experts don’t even know whether this disease, but they believe that she will cause a future pandemic. Who has already made it to the list of dangerous diseases along with the Ebola virus, Zeke and severe acute respiratory syndrome.

“Disease X” causes panic among scientists, primarily because they don’t know where it came from or what it hit exactly, and how to fight it. However, experts are almost 100% sure that this unknown “Disease X” was introduced by man. For example, it can be created in laboratories, which were prepared by chemical and biological weapons to Syria.

Nevertheless, who asked not to lift a panic: the goal of their statement was to force scientists to work with a wide range of pathogens, and the population – at the slightest affliction to appeal to a variety of doctors. Who insist that “Disease X” is really able to kill millions.

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