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Discussing new video “the Dark tower”

The man in black tried to hide in the desert, and the shooter chased him until the very Las Vegas, where on March 27 at the Convention of the National Association of theatre owners (CinemaCon) were shown new footage of”the Dark tower”, the long-awaited adaptation of key cycle in the works of Stephen king.

Prior to this, the public saw only the photos from the shoot single frames, poster Yes merged last year draft roller, the quality of which left much to be desired. So the expectations were high, the creators had to overcome the prejudice of skeptics, and it seems that suddenly everyone was happy. As in the case with the teaser “It”, while we have only impressions from the lucky ones who came to a private screening. However, the first teaser trailer for the new “It” we will see today.

So what was shown at cinema-Con?

A few fragments of painting, which appears Idris Elba in the way Roland deskana, Matthew McConaughey — the Man in black, and Tom Taylor, who plays a boy named Jake chambers, who lives in new York, but in the dream enters into another reality — into the world of Roland.

We see the doorway set directly on the ground amid the barren landscape. Roland wanders through the desert, and on the screen appears that the very phrase, the very words, which begins with the first volume “the Dark tower”:
“The man in black tried to hide in the desert, and the Shooter was chasing him.”
The audience was shown the possibility of Walter Japan, men in black, and as I say, it was creepy. McConaughey made the fun of the devil, he seems to really like his character. Roland is confronted with Walter and with the words “I kill not weapons. I kill my heart” fires all barrels, but the Man in black, as if nothing had happened, catching the bullet, which pierced right through him.

In the next scene, the boy Jake is watching in the dream of Roland and the Dark Tower. It should be unequivocal, otherwise the worlds will fall, and the inhabitants thereof shall perish. Jake’s seeing a therapist who tries to convince him of the unreality of dreams, but he does not believe. And soon he will have to find a portal to the world of Arrow, located in an abandoned house. Distin sees a picture of Jake, in which he tried to display what he saw in the dream. Roland tells the boy about the Man in black and the threat looming over all the worlds.
Finally, should the fight between Roland and Walter Japan, filmed in spectacular mode slow-mo. Arrows a great distance and firing at the man that took Jake, and shoots at the hearing.

Wow! To be honest, to cook their panties in boiling water, is enough for me only the first scene. The door, Roland, desert, the opening phrase. Damn, I want to see it! But will have to wait, because while even the release of the trailer not been announced, although up to the premiere of the picture is not so long.

“The dark tower” will appear before the audience in all the greatness July 28, 2017.

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