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Discussing a new hairstyle Mila kunis: “Isn’t it a wig?”

Mila Kunis

Appeared yesterday on the red carpet of the awards ceremony of the Billboard Music Awards 2018 Mila kunis this time attracted the attention not so much his outfit (it was quite cold and not at all festive), but in a new way. 34-year-old actress decided on some changes in appearance and made his bangs.

Help star turned to popular U.S. Studio hairdressers and stylists Chad Wood, Instagram which appeared the result of done Nice work.

She looks stunning

Mila is beautiful with any haircut

I like very much,— commented on the new hairstyle kunis Internet users.

However, there were also those who thought that the actress went to the trick.

That’s a wig, isn’t it?

asked another user.

However, all agreed looked the wife of Ashton Kutcher is very stylish. And you are changes in appearance Sweet liking?

Do you like the new haircut Mila kunis?

Yes, bangs her ideaglass with Internet users, it is any strikenet, without bangs was much better

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