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Discovered unexpectedly useful property of ice cream

Обнаружено неожиданно полезное свойство мороженогоIce cream for Breakfast will make you smarter.

An interesting study was conducted by Professor Yoshihiko Koga (Koga Yoshihiko) from Tokyo University of Kyorin. He found that replacing morning cereal ice cream in the morning can improve alertness and mental performance.

For his experiment, the Professor compared the activity of people who ate ice cream after waking up with those who did not. And those and others have performed several jobs on the uptake. The results showed that the group that ate ice cream, had a more rapid response and better ability to process information.

Professor Koga admitted that the results of the experiment were linked to a shock reaction of the brain to low temperature ice cream, so he repeated my test again. Now a Japanese scientist gave the group to drink a glass of cold water immediately after waking up, and then to solve a number of problems. The participants of the new studies have shown some degree of increased alertness and mental abilities, but the level is significantly lower than among subjects who began the day with ice cream.

However, not all experts agree with the results of the study. British nutritionists have reacted to the experiment skeptically. According to experts, the explanation may lie in the fact that ice cream is a treat that evokes positive emotions and thus adds energy.

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