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Discovered unexpectedly beneficial property of garlic

Обнаружено неожиданно полезное свойство чеснокаThe garlic will help to cure herpes.

Garlic is a favorite product of many people, as it is incredibly beneficial to health.

But few know that it not only helps in the fight against viruses. Garlic has many applications in the field of health, beauty, cooking and not only. About its beneficial properties, you can talk for hours.

Eat garlic for health, and discover its useful properties.


1. From a cold
Pour the garlic with boiling water, let it steep for 7 minutes. Strain and drink the beverage. This tool will help you to protect yourself from colds or cure a disease.

2. Remedy for acne
Cut a garlic clove and apply it to the place where only began to appear a pimple. Take the procedure several times a day and your skin will become clean.

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3. Treats herpes

Pharmacy remedies don’t always do their job, so they come to the aid of the people. Add half a clove of garlic to the affected area. Cold sores will go a lot faster.

4. Gets rid of foot fungus

If you suffer from foot fungus, then you can use the grandmother’s method. Put pressed garlic in hot water. Let stand 15 minutes, pour it into a footbath. Hold the feet in water no more than 30 minutes.

Other applications:

5. For pest control

Garlic helps in the fight against certain pests in the garden, for example aphids. 200 g of garlic, passed through the press, pour a liter of water. Seal the tank tight lid for 5-6 days. For spraying the plants 25 ml of infusion dissolve in 10 l of water.

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6. The bonding material

Garlic is a natural adhesive. It can be used for bonding a variety of materials, for example paper.

7. Cleaning surfaces

Grind a few cloves of garlic. Fill a spray bottle with white vinegar and put the garlic. Add a few drops of lemon juice and means for cleaning and disinfecting ready. The smell of garlic will not be felt.

Also garlic is used to strengthen the immune system, reduce cholesterol, improve metabolism, treatment of toothache, and so on. Apply garlic to good use!

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