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Discovered thousands of unknown viruses

Обнаружены тысячи неизвестных вирусовSome of which are still not understood.

A group of scientists from Australia and China found that invertebrates are vectors 1445 viruses, some of which are still not understood. A study published in the journal Nature.

As stated by one of the authors Professor Edward Holmes, this discovery completely changes the view of scientists about Virology. Now they suggest that insects, spiders and worms were carriers for billions of years, not millions as previously believed.

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“It is surprising that insects carry such a large number of viruses. Nobody has guessed even to examine them because there were no cases of infection,” said Holmes.

According to him, the study used a completely new technology that are also used to identify the causes of human diseases. In its course it turned out that invertebrates were carriers of the long-known viruses like the flu.

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At the same time, experts note that the study should not make people afraid of invertebrates. According to them, man is quite difficult to catch the insect.

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