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Discovered the wreckage of a new Russian spacecraft

Обнаружены новые обломки российского космического корабляIn Tuva found fragments of “Progress”.

The experts of Roscosmos discovered in Tuva four fragments of the spaceship “Progress MS-04,” which not went into orbit.

On Friday, December 16, the press Secretary of the head of Republic Sholban Kara-ool Delano Salchak.
During the search, was discovered water tanks, electric. According to experts, the remains of “Progress” are not dangerous to the environment. In addition, experts found a piece from pike the banks of the astronauts.

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As noted, difficulties arose with the delivery of bulky and heavy tanks. “They have a diameter of 90 centimeters, them across rugged terrain on a sled from the gorge was delivered two hours before the helicopter”, — said the head of districts of fall of the Center for exploitation of ground space infrastructure Roscosmos Andrew Poluarshinova.

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Fragments sends to Novosibirsk where the Siberian research Institute of aviation behalf Chaplygin will decide where their further transport.

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