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Discovered the relationship between ageing and belonging to a race

Обнаружена взаимосвязь между старением и принадлежностью к расеThe experts found that the aging process directly depends on the race of individuals.

In the framework of the studies of Morgan Levine and Eileen Crimmins from the School of gerontology Davis at the University of southern California (USA) calculated the biological age of different people on the basis of the analysis of 10 biomarkers associated with aging.

The markers include: C-reactive protein, serum creatinine, glycated hemoglobin, systolic blood pressure and total cholesterol. In addition, the researchers took into account body mass index, level of education and factor of Smoking.

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According to the findings, African Americans are aging faster than their biological age by about three years compared with the white population. The average age in the group of people with dark skin made 53,16 year, and in the group of white people – 49,84. Also among them is higher and mortality rates.

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However, experts note that significant differences can be traced to the onset of the biological age of 60-69 years, after which the significant difference in indicators between representatives of different races have not detected.

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