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Discovered the origin of heavy duty solar flares

Раскрыто происхождение сверхмощных вспышек на СолнцеAccording to the scientists, the solar flares can create gamma rays.

NASA astronomers watched the Sun from both sides during powerful flares, which helped to understand the activity of gamma-rays.

For the first time NASA telescopes worked in tandem to observe the explosions of high-energy radiation, caused by activity on the far side of the Sun. The achievement will help scientists to better understand the eruption of solar energy that can be directed toward the Earth and damage satellites and disrupt power system.

The study was made by the space telescope Fermi, launched in 2008 to study gamma rays, the most energetic forms of light.

According to the scientists, the solar flares can also create gamma rays. Flares occur when the active areas on the Sun suddenly released explosions of magnetic energy. It accelerates particles to extremely high speeds and creates an intense flash of light that can briefly outshine the light itself.

Thanks to satellites Fermi and STEREO, NASA scientists, it became known that particles, which are produced during the outbreak on the far side of the Sun can move along the magnetic field and influence on the solar surface on the side turned to the Ground, creating a burst of gamma rays.

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