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Discovered the brightest and most distant pulsar in the Universe

Обнаружен самый яркий и самый далекий пульсар во Вселенной Pulsar is also the most distant such object.

Scientists from the European space Agency through a special x-ray telescope XMM-Newton was able to see the brightest and most distant from Earth, a pulsar of those that were previously.

According to European experts, the new pulsar emits electromagnetic radiation is ten times brighter than the previous record holder in this area. One second of this cosmic phenomenon is able to emit the same amount of energy as the Sun over three years. The researchers used a modern space telescope XMM-Newton to observe a pulsar with a distance of 50 million light years. It is noted that over the past 13 years, the pulsar got into the field of view of the telescope a couple of times. Previously, scientists were aware that only black holes, which size is ten times larger than the Sun, can achieve such incredible brightness.

It is reported that the pulsar signal was recorded and telescopes NuSTAR space Observatory of NASA, thanks to which scientists were able to obtain additional information. Recall that a pulsar is a neutron star that rotate with incredible speed and emit a bright electromagnetic radiation. This cosmic phenomenon was discovered in 1960, then, scholars have accepted them for something supernatural.

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