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Discovered planet with ruby and sapphire clouds

Обнаружена планета с рубиновыми и сапфировыми облакамиResearchers have discovered the first exoplanet outside the Solar system where there are strong winds and clouds.

British astronomers have discovered exoplanet clouds which can be made from corundum, the mineral that forms rubies and sapphires. The discovery was made by researchers of the University of Warwick.

Celestial body, which scientists have given the name HAT-P-7 b, located approximately one thousand light-years from Earth. This is the first gas giant outside our Solar system where scientists have documented the phenomenon of weather systems – strong winds that are likely to lead to catastrophic storms.

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“HAT-P-7b is a planet that always faces the same side to their star. We expect that clouds form on the cold night side of the planet, and evaporate quickly on a hot day side,” said scientist David Armstrong.

The discovery made by the space telescope Kepler.

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