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Discovered new and useful properties of dried fruits

Обнаружены новые полезные свойства сухофруктовDried fruits help to combat dangerous diseases

Dried fruit can help combat cancer, metabolic disorders and cardiovascular problems, the researchers said. They are also a good source of fiber, vitamins and minerals.

Scientists from the University of Minnesota say that dried fruits have a low glycemic index and can play an important role in the prevention of metabolic disorders.

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A recent study dried fruit suggests that they inhibit some forms of cancer. Although the mechanisms are still unknown, but it has been proved that the polyphenols that are included with dried fruit, stopping the spread of cancer cells to cause their death and suppress inflammation. 27

Meanwhile, researchers from the University of Bangor in North Wales made a statement that they are ready fruit juices that are sold in stores contain too much sugar and should not be considered a healthy diet.

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In people with overweight and obesity blunted the sensitivity to sugar, and they use it more and more, causing a further increase in weight and type 2 diabetes.

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