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Discovered new and useful properties of cranberries

Обнаружены новые полезные свойства клюквыNutritionists called the most useful winter berries.

And this elixir of health has turned sour cranberry. Forest berry was the most valuable source not only ascorbic acid, but other needed by the body during winter vitamin deficiency of nutrients.

Experts on healthy nutrition insist – the cranberries must eat, and preferably fresh, and as the harvest of berries in late autumn, it’s time to run to the store for the valuable berries.

What is so useful cranberry, if diet together for her vote?


First of all, this organic acid – of course, vitamin C, or ascorbic acid. Vitamin C. As you know, our body does not accumulate, and therefore must come from food constantly. Functions of this vitamin a lot – it strengthens the walls of capillaries, is essential for the absorption of iron and formation of hemoglobin. Ascorbic acid in cranberry no less than in citrus, however, the Allergy it is virtually.

Not a single ascorbic acid rich cranberry, it also has vitamin B1, essential for the nervous system, B2 – eliminates toxins and improves eyesight, B3 is involved in the breakdown of protein and fats.

In cranberries have a rare vitamin K (phylloquinone), which is necessary for blood clotting. In addition, vitamin K is involved in the synthesis of an important protein osteocalcin, which is the basis of bone tissue. It immediately becomes clear why cranberries should be given to children.

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Cranberry pulp is rich in potassium, and we know that it is an important mineral for strengthening the heart muscle, and normal intestinal motility. In a small amount, although in perfect proportion, red berry contains calcium, iron, sodium.


Sour berries cranberry a great tool, not only for the prevention of colds, but they will help to protect the child from virus and if the kid will get sick, recover faster. Consisting of cranberry juice, there is a special acid – benzoic. This substance is a natural antibiotic, and strong enough, great fights with microbes. Cranberry helps to significantly reduce the concentration of bacteria and viruses on mucous membranes in the season of influenza and also effective against fungal infection, helps to defeat the sores and symptoms of angina.

Known antipyretic property of cranberry juice, and when stored it is not going away. Is considered especially useful cranberry juice – a beverage that can not be boiled.

Cranberry juice has a pronounced, but quite mild diuretic, and it helps the urinary system, helps to cleanse the kidneys and reduces swelling cranberry pestilence is very recommended during pregnancy.

Cranberry pulp discovered the compound resveratrol, however, it is somewhat less than in dark grapes, but however it is. Thanks to resveratrol cranberry normalizes the level of glucose in the blood, protects against tumors, in particular, as scientists insist – malignant tumors.

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In principle, the composition of the berries is balanced so that specific contraindications it has.

At high acidity of gastric juice should refrain from cranberry juice
Children under 2 years of age should not offer drinks from a cranberry, because the delicate mucosa may e to cope with the abundance of acid

Dentists insist – after any contact with a cranberry rinse the mouth to acid does not injure the tooth enamel.

Interesting: due to benzoic acid, a natural preservative, the beak can be stored without pre-treatment until the next season. To do this, fold the washed whole berries in a container of water and place in a cool place — so easy to prepare cranberries for the winter.


Rinse berries and put in boiling water for 2-3 minutes. Wipe the hot berries through a sieve, the remaining skins are put in an enamel or glass dish, pour water and simmer 5-10 minutes. The resulting broth, strain, put juice and pulp of cranberries, add sugar, bring to a near boil and turn off. Let stand for the juice under the hood for at least 40-50 minutes, cool and drink with pleasure.

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