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Discovered evidence for the existence of life on Venus

Обнаружены доказательства существования жизни на ВенереUfologists found on Venus possible settlement of aliens.

In pictures of Venus taken by NASA’s Magellan, UFO spotted strange objects similar to the settlement of aliens.

The researchers suggest that the photographs show the city representatives of extraterrestrial civilizations.

The Magellan probe was launched by NASA in 1989 to gather information about Venus. In 1990, the aircraft went into orbit of the planet, and in 1994 came from it.

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Made by “Magellan” images ufologists have studied just now. They are found on the surface of Venus strange objects of the cubic form. The researchers of the paranormal believe that it could be a colony of aliens.

“The NASA can see the huge cities and numerous man-made structures, most likely made by the representatives of extraterrestrial and intellectually advanced race,” said one of the ufologists.

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However, as noted by skeptics, if this story is true, then the aliens are able to survive on a planet where there is no water, and the temperature reaches 500 degrees Celsius.

Обнаружены доказательства существования жизни на Венере

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