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Discovered a potentially habitable planet

Обнаружена потенциально обитаемая планетаThe planetary system K2-155 is located in the constellation Taurus and is removed from the Earth about 200 light-years.

Space Observatory Kepler has discovered 15 new exoplanets in the vicinity of the Solar system, one of which is within the “zone of life” and presumably has the oceans and the earth’s atmosphere. This is stated in an article published in the Astronomical Journal.

“According to our calculations, the planet should have earth’s atmosphere and the similar structure of the subsurface, but as yet we have no assurances that that was indeed the case. Yet we know almost nothing about planets orbiting red dwarfs, as their number is markedly lower than the total number of planets, opened for stars similar to the Sun,” said Hirano Teruyuki from the Technological Institute of Tokyo.

The discovery was made using the space telescope Kepler. In total, Japanese planetary scientists were able to find 15 new planets, similar in size to enlarged copies of the Earth. They all rotate around their stars at a very short distance, and the year on their surface lasts from one to 40 days. Almost all of them, as the researchers note, are unlikely to support life – the temperature and climate they are likely to resemble Venus, not Earth.

The only exception is the system K2-155, located in the constellation Taurus and distant from the Earth about 200 light-years. Home to three “super-earths”, the farthest of which, K2-155d, centrally located in “zone of life” and, according to planetary scientists, is similar in its climate and hydrological conditions on the Ground.

Check all these discoveries, according to Hirano, it will be possible in the near future, at the end of this year, when NASA will launch into orbit a telescope TESS, heir to the “Kepler”. He will be able to get the first accurate data on the composition and temperatures of these planets and check whether K2-155d full “big sister” of the Earth or not.

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