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Discovered a new useful property of viburnum

Обнаружено новое полезное свойство калиныAs it turned out, Kalina is very useful for weight loss.

The berries, which are usually stored in clusters, most useful in fresh form, but dried they retain most of their beneficial properties.

Traditional Ukrainian berry a little bitter, but the bitterness is after the first frost, or if you hold the fruit in the freezer. In the pulp viburnum abundance of pectin due to which berries are ideal for jelly and marmalade. But the value of them, of course, not only that.

I wonder what medicinal properties have not only berries, but all the other parts of the plant: bark, leaves, roots. All our ancestors used to cure a variety of ailments, both internal still external – the bells and whistles with a decoction of bark and leaves was treated for abscesses, boils and even hemorrhoids. By the way, the official medicine recognizes some of the medicinal properties of cranberries, it is even used for the manufacture of certain drugs.

Oddly enough, vitamins in Kalina not so much, with the exception of vitamin C – it in the berries even more than in citrus. But at storage and heat treatment the amount of ascorbic acid is significantly reduced. There is a little tocopherol (vitamin E), beta-carotene — provitamin A, and traces of vitamin C. But potassium and magnesium in Kalina abound, there are also iron and zinc. But medicinal properties that provide very different substances – organic acids, flavonoids, polyunsaturated acids, which are mainly concentrated in the seeds viburnum.

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One of the valuable properties of viburnum – a decoction of the berries, more juice from them, is diaphoretic, thus, drink from the berries of viburnum will help to gently reduce the temperature, especially in viral infections and influenza in particular. But it is important to understand that with enhanced sweating lose a lot of moisture that needs to be addressed. Therefore, if you decide to bring the temperature down to a child snowball, take care that he drank and the more neutral drinks.


Due to a special combination of bioflavonoids cranberry juice has a pronounced diuretic properties, it also contributes a considerable amount of potassium in fruit. Thus, the infusion of cranberries and the juice from it is recommended for the prevention of edema and as an auxiliary agent for cystitis.

The ability of viburnum to enhance the production of bile helps the digestive system, thus speeding up metabolism and promoting better digestion of fats and proteins. Thus, albeit indirectly, viburnum helps improve digestion and not gain weight. Of the popular recipes: 1 teaspoon of viburnum berries pour a glass of boiling water and let stand 1 hour. Drink ¼ Cup twice a day.

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This property of red berries, they know everything – even our grandmothers were so treated. However, be careful, not always Kalina helps to remove sputum, not infrequently observed quite the opposite effect when the production of mucus is suspended. It is not necessary to experiment and to treat cough in children snowball, especially babies under a year old.


Berries, and to an even greater extent the bark of viburnum have krovoostanavlivajushchim property, in the national and even evidence-based medicine, the infusion of viburnum is recommended for uterine bleeding and too profuse menstruation. This medicine helps in the postpartum period, especially as the viburnum there are also anti-inflammatory properties.


There is the concept of individual intolerance – because kalinovoe juice enough biologically active, not every organism can digest.

As in a new building, the pulp has a high concentration of various acids, it can not give children younger than years.
Cranberry juice when consumed regularly can reduce blood pressure, so hypotensive is to be careful.
Contraindicated treatment viburnum with high blood coagulability and tendency to thrombosis.
Should not be treated as a snowball during pregnancy, especially in the first trimester.

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