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Discovered a new useful property of pineapples

Обнаружено новое полезное свойство ананасовPineapples can cure burns.

With the help of substances that are found in pineapples can cure severe burns.

This claim, scientists at the University Miguel Servet in Zaragoza (Spain).

In the stem of pineapple contains a substance bromelain. According to scientists, it sposobno to regenerate skin which has suffered burns. Bromelain to add to the cream and apply on the skin. Then it must be removed with special tools. With the help of this cream to repair the skin and prevent the development of sepsis and inflammation.

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Funds with bromelain have already passed the test. They showed a very good result. After use the skin is healing nicely and the scars are minimal. To date, the affected skin is removed only surgically, which leads to lots of scars. Such technology is used in Israel, and in the future may start to be used worldwide.

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