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Discovered a new useful feature pumpkin

Обнаружено новое полезное свойство тыквыPumpkin is especially useful for women’s health.

Pumpkin – the real Queen of the autumn menu. Besides, this is a pharmacy that contains cures for many diseases.

However, pumpkin can bring both benefit and harm to our health.

Pumpkin – orange medicine
Find utility the pumpkin people began a long time ago. Because the content of nutrients and medicinal substances the fruit is superior to many vegetable crops. In pumpkin pulp contains essential minerals – potassium, calcium, magnesium, phosphorus. There is in it, and vitamins b,, B2,) 2, PP. But especially pumpkin is rich in provitamin a – beta-carotene. This compound protects the body from the harmful effects of the environment, and cells from cancerous transformation.

In addition, pumpkin pulp lot of pectin – a dietary fiber that gently cleanses the intestines. Even the pumpkin is useful for heart ailments, kidney and liver, insomnia, hemorrhoids, arteriosclerosis, colds, gout, nervous disorders, vision problems. In India, this fruit is used for the treatment of tuberculosis.

Use pumpkin for women
For women especially useful raw pumpkin,including pumpkin juice and roast pumpkin and its seeds. With pumpkin dishes you can lose weight, lower cholesterol and bring the heavy metal compounds from the body. Useful pumpkin and for the treatment of gynecological diseases. The flesh of a ripe vegetable helps with infertility, cervical erosion, female inflammation, vaginitis.

Useful pumpkin and pregnant – due to the high content of calcium, magnesium, iron, it will help prevent anemia. And menopause pumpkin dishes will help to reduce the unpleasant symptoms of this period and relieve nervous tension.

It is important! Mature and healthy pumpkin should be firm, fleshy, heavy and firm, without cracks and dents. Important and variety of vegetable. Bright orange fruits are more suitable for soups. And for cereals and baking it is better to take pink and yellow pumpkin.

Who can not eat pumpkin
Excluded from the diet of a pumpkin should in such diseases:

Digestive diseases in acute form
Duodenal ulcer
Disorders of acid-base balance in the body
It is impossible to abuse raw pumpkin seeds during pregnancy: it may lead to premature birth. Pumpkin juice will harm digestive problems: it can cause nausea, bloating and diarrhea. Baked pumpkin has a mild laxative effect and can cause diarrhea.

In all other cases the pumpkin will undoubtedly benefit women’s health.

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