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Discovered a new useful feature in dark chocolate

Обнаружено новое полезное свойство черного шоколадаProven ability of chocolate to lower blood pressure.

The doctors said the perfect excuse for all lovers of sweets. Rich in magnesium cocoa included in the chocolate reduce blood pressure.

That’s why people who suffer from hypertension or just high blood pressure, it is necessary to check the level of magnesium in the body. Perhaps the increased pressure in their case, explains the lack of this nutrients that can be supplemented by including and using chocolate. Magnesium lowers blood pressure by regulating blood flow, as the study showed.

Millions of Russians suffer from hypertension, which is the largest single risk factor for stroke and heart disease. Scientists from the British University of Hertfordshire analyzed 25 persons who were diagnosed with hypertension, and 21 people who did not have problems with pressure. Volunteers kept diaries with entries about the food that they eat. This allowed the scientists to estimate daily servings of magnesium, obtained by people.

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The results of observations showed that the victims of high blood pressure got significantly less magnesium from food than healthier individuals. In the future, scientists analyzed changes in the intake of magnesium with age. It turned out that the older the person is, the less magnesium it received from food.

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Overall, all study participants received less than the daily recommended dose of magnesium regardless of the level of arterial pressure. This recommended dose is 300 mg for men and 270 mg for women in the UK and in the USA it increases to 400 mg for men and 310 mg for women. 100 g of dark chocolate contains 146 mg of magnesium and 100 grams of milk chocolate – 63 mg of magnesium. 100 g almonds – 268 mg of magnesium per 100 grams walnuts – 376 mg, in 100 g of bananas – only 27 mg.

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