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Disclosed is an unusual way of stealing cars with the help of $ 100

Раскрыт необычный способ угона машин при помощи 100 долларовIn the US the thriving new way of carjacking – with banknotes of 100 dollars.

Suffered several American motorists.

The secret of this fraud is very simple. When the driver gets into his car, he notices on the windshield of a bill in the amount of $ 100, which, as it happened to be there (notice the money and during the trip).

The driver is surprised at first, not realizing what they are doing $ 100 on his windshield. Then he comes to the conclusion that the money was accidentally carried away by the wind. These thoughts usually instantly go through your head trustingly American.

As a result, the driver gets out of his car to pick up $ 100. At this point, the driver’s seat in his car is an attacker who arranged this Scam. He quickly closes the door and hides in an unknown direction. The car is stolen, its owner was left with nothing. Even without $ 100, because the scammers use fake money.

The main condition for such crimes, the key in the ignition. Criminals usually carefully observe all the actions of the owner of the car. If he gets out of the car, not inserting the key in the ignition, the scammers waiting for the next klutz.

According to the American police, the most common victims of this Scam are women. The reason is not clear. May be due to the fact that they are trusting than men?

In Ukraine this method of car theft is not common. However, you need to be careful not to succumb to any tricks of car thieves.

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