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Disclosed is a dangerous consequence of alcoholism

Раскрыто опасное последствие алкоголизмаThe disease can also shorten life expectancy by 20 years.

Canadian scientists have conducted studies and found that regular consumption of alcohol increases the risk of developing dementia of all types.

The experts considered the indicators 57353 in the hospitals in France that was suffering from the early diagnosis of dementia. It turned out that 57% of patients actively “carried away” by drinking alcohol. The minimum share of ethanol and 60 grams per day, can cause serious harm to the human body. The detected ratio indicates that chronic alcoholism has a particular strong influence in a young age, causing dementia. Scientists noted that women often susceptible to this mental disease.

In their work, experts have indicated that it is necessary to immediately reduce the magnitude of people suffering from alcoholism, to take all measures for the cure.

Common disease can also shorten life expectancy by 20 years. Alcohol also adversely affects the development of other types of diseases are diseases of the liver and stomach, high blood pressure, the development of depression, hearing loss, diabetes.

That is why, taking another dose “himicheskogo weapons”, you need to think about the consequences.

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