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Disclosed details about the new Apple product

Раскрыты подробности о новом продукте Apple   The device has a touch screen.

Apple is working on a new type of device within the framework of the Star project, reports 9to5Mac, citing sources in the supply chain. According to interlocutors of the edition, the debut product line is the working title of the N84 and can be either Mac-based ARM chip, or a laptop running iOS.

Because project Star is a relatively new, and the product generated within it, is at the prototyping stage, expect its release in the foreseeable future is not necessary. Despite this, it is known that the device has a touch screen, a slot for SIM card and support for EFI (boot interface of OS used by Mac computers).

And if the slot for the SIM card and sensitive screen by themselves may not be proof that the future of the device to a particular product line, EFI, suggests its direct connection with computers. In any case, support for this interface is uncommon for smartphones in General and iPhone in particular.

The version about the possible release of MacBook based on ARM-chip is indirectly confirmed by the rumors about Apple’s plans to abandon the service and move the Intel brand computers on the processors of its own production. The planned transition, according to insider information, shall be held not earlier than 2020.

Bloomberg columnist mark Gurman has a different opinion. According to him, under the name N84 hidden iPhone X 2018. This contradiction, however, it is possible to find an explanation. Most likely, the sides 9To5Mac erroneously linked project ARM-based laptop and a new smartphone that do not have each other nothing.

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