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Disarmed a gang of extortionists, two years exploding pharmacies and car dealerships

Обезоружена банда вымогателей, два года взрывавшая аптеки и автосалоныCame to bandits rosicknote of the regional Central Directorate of police, fulfilling the operative information on the group of influential criminals, extort money from the large businessmen in Kharkiv.

Those who refused to pay suffered significant losses — their property was set on fire, or blew up.

So, a year ago suffered two car dealerships (both the owners — a former aide to state Duma Deputy and local businessman). On the night of December 25, RGD-5 has blown up in “Toyota Center Kharkiv “Avtoart”, and two days earlier the same grenade — near the dealership “Lexus”. Both shops are located at the same address on the street Shevchenko, 334. There were no casualties and only damaged the Windows-and show car in one showroom and test drive the car in the other. Salon owners are suspicious about possible criminals are not expressed. These incidents were regarded as hooliganism.

More likely to suffer pharmacies. 30 September last year, unknown persons blew up a grenade near the pharmacy on the tractor 105. No injuries were reported. Evil tongues claimed that this was revenge by local activists for the implementation of the drug codeine drugs in the network, which owns a pharmacy. Militiamen opened criminal proceedings on illicit handling of explosives and intentional property damage.

This year on the night of 21 March from the RGD-5 has suffered a warehouse and pharmacy the same network in Bialystok alley. A month earlier, was blown up by the pharmacy at the Jubilee prospect. Another pharmacy on the same Avenue threw a grenade on November 29. Also several times suffered private household, the yards of which the attackers threw grenades, as it was the evening of November 4 in suburban area. Fortunately, in all these cases has done without human victims.

The police managed to establish that almost to a half dozens of such episodes involved the same group of ransomware. It was documented activity of three members of the group — previously convicted of Kharkiv 41?42. Alas, managed to detain until only one of them. Two others are wanted, according to the division of communications of the Kharkiv regional Central Directorate of police.

During searches at their place of residence were seized a number of buildings RGD-5 grenades and f-1, fuses to them, a traumatic pistol and two revolvers, handcuffs, balaclavas, passports on different names. The detainee is preparing to declare a suspicion of disorderly conduct with a weapon, unlawful use of a weapon and causing property damage by abuse of trust.

Why was he not charged with extortion, the police have not yet reported. Probably as told to “FACTS” a source in the police, the businessmen, the property of which blew up, not eager to make a statement about extortion at them and tell whether they transferred money to the attackers. According to the source, the detainee may be involved in other crimes. In particular, the grouping being investigated for the arson of several BMW’s in the Parking lot of the dealership on the street Latyshev October 11 of this year, the owners drove them for maintenance.

Also the police finds out, not those of the attackers threw a grenade into the territory of the estate in the village of Vysokoe, owned by the sister of Deputy Igor Kolvitskoje, at the beginning of December last year. Then from a grenade fired into the house of protection. The Deputy himself at this time was in a residential home. Then also nobody has suffered, only lit up the ceiling in the commercial building, however, the criminal proceedings opened on the grounds of attempted murder.

How many members were in the exposed group, remains a mystery to investigators.

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