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“Disabling Google will chop off 30% of all Russian websites, including Kremlin website”

«Отключение Google обрубит 30% всех российских сайтов, в том числе сайт Кремля»

IT-expert on testing “sovereign of the Runet”, the Chinese experience and the damage to the economy of Russia

November 1, 2019, enter into force amendments to the law “On communication” and the law “On information, information technologies and about information protection”, involving the so-called sovereignty of the Russian Internet. The law provides that for the safe and coherent operation of the Russian Internet it is necessary to create “a centralized network management of public communication”. What it is — very few people understand. As told sources, we are talking about the installation of special equipment (DPI) and network operators. In addition, RBC with reference to its own sources, said that the test of a sovereign Runet has already begun, and the first region is the Urals. talked with the Executive Director of the NGO “society for the protection of the Internet” Michael Klimarev about whether or not there’s any testing of new equipment and how the sovereignty of the Russian Internet may affect the country’s economy. Published the conversation in the form of a column.

I spoke to the technical Directors of branches of the four major Telecom operators (list of known and have not found any confirmation that someone has this system actually implemented. The only source that had some information — RBC.

About testing to say not very well. For example, you can just bring the equipment to the operators DPI, but this does not mean that it will be put.


One of the indicators of the “sovereignty of the Russian Internet” that must be recorded a sharp drop in the number of operators who interact with foreign operators, should be reduced number of connections between Russian and foreign companies. This is called the index of connectedness. We are monitoring this indicator and the sharp drop recorded over a long period of time. On the contrary, index with Sep growing.

«Отключение Google обрубит 30% всех российских сайтов, в том числе сайт Кремля»The index of connectedness


There are other special monitors that analyze the traffic. Installs special software on user computers, they are trying to monitor the availability of resources that are already in the lock or have to get lock; relevant services such as Google or Yandex. And if you cannot connect to them, it is impossible to give them service information from there about this signal. So, for example, was discovered shutdown (disable the Internet on the direct orders of the authorities) in Moscow on 3 August (the day in the capital passed one of the meetings with the requirement to register independent candidates for elections to the Moscow city Duma. — Approx.

“The sovereignty” is now likely to be tested in laboratories. Tests on living people, as in the case of medicines, are illegal.

Any equipment that is put operators on the network, including such class, subject to certification, so testing on real users — not a very legitimate step, such operators can be punished, especially if it is recorded break the ties.


But now most of the problems with the Internet, users encounter the usual problems of the service providers which are always there. But I recommend all users who face problems with Internet, not to be silent. At the first suspicions about failures is necessary to contact technical support, better writing, and calls to record. All this work should be transparent, society should immediately know about the failure, it will be an element of pressure on operators.

Our members tend to believe that the Internet is to see the pictures in the “Classmates” to write. Actually no, our society is fairly advanced, it is strongly tied to technology. Even if you claim not to use the Internet, you still use. For example, you go to the store for groceries, pay card, payment systems work over the Internet, without it nothing will happen. The products are brought to orders stores placed through the Internet, this greatly reduces the costs of distribution, retail trade. The Internet is shut off — it will not work, will the deficit. To deliver products that use the company’s logistics systems, saving a lot of money on gasoline purchases. If you disable the Internet, no one system will not work. “Yandex.Navigators”, the factory system. The industry will become uncompetitive revert to 30 years ago.

Was already the case when LV tried to block Telegram, was blocked numerous IP addresses, many that then broke down. For example, was the case when I stopped working system for cardiovascular monitoring, which was used by about 500 patients dear Moscow hospital. Smart watches in three days is not transferred to the telematics center.

Actually, this is serious. If someone thinks that this toy, it never. The economy will receive a strong blow.

There is someone who speaks about China, where, despite the “great Chinese firewall”, it works. But unlike Chinese architecture from Russia that filtration system and management in Russia are put on the operators, and in China — on the border between China and the other world. In China, even if the filtration system will break inside the country, the Internet will work. And we have, if something breaks the service provider, there would be failures throughout the country.

Disabling Google will chop off 30% of all Russian sites. In my opinion, even including (the website of the presidential administration), because there the fonts Google.

The economy will be hit not where we expected. Can fall anything the medical system or control system of gas pipelines cannot predict now.

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