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“Disability is not a crime”: the stars stood up for the participant of “Eurovision”


March 12, the First channel called the name of the artist, which this year will represent our country at the contest “Eurovision”. So, in Kiev will go not Alexander Panayotov as many previously thought, but the 27-year-old Yulia Samoylova, from his childhood confined to a wheelchair. The singer will perform the song Flame Is Burning.

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The candidacy of Yulia as a participant of “Eurovision” from Russia has caused a heated debate on the Network. Some believe that the girl will succeed in the competition, while others believe that it was not worth to send to Kiev a singer with disabilities. A LiveJournal blogger Lena Miro also believes that Julia should not go to Eurovision.

Some stars stood up for the singer. “No matter what they say and write. If you dropped your only chance, use it! Disability is not a sin, and in this case an advantage, because you are already in the game, baby! And you sing great. Get ready for 200% and only forward! With an open and fearless heart, with a love song to the people! Break a leg,” he wished Samoilova, Anita Tsoy (Spelling and punctuation authors hereinafter. — Approx. ed.).


“Today I learned that Yulia Samoilova will represent Russia at competition “the Eurovision 2017”. Read the comments of some “gifted people” who believe she doesn’t belong there. I want to ask you, good Sirs: you have such courage as Julia. You have no honor! You only have a rotten manner to discuss the physique of a talented person. She is a disabled person, physically. Yes. And it’s sad. And You, gentlemen, invalids spiritual (mental). It is not sad. This is disgusting. Because nobody to blame but yourself!” — wrote in Instagram actress Comedy Woman Tatyana Morozova.

Spoke and Sergei Lazarev, who last year at the “Eurovision” took third place.
“I am very happy for Julia — her face all people with disabilities will be able to feel hope and encouragement. And to understand that any of us can imagine to his country. Plus a performance of Julia will draw attention to the problems of these special people. Including in Russia — I am sure that will be the talk and, maybe, finally, projects, and laws that make life easier for people with disabilities.


Of course, Eurovision is a big challenge. But it is clear that Yulia is a fighter. So I wish her the fortitude to cope with all the difficult moments that one way or another will be present, because it’s a competition, a great game. She certainly imposed a lot of responsibility, although it is obvious that our participants a strong character and she can handle it. I Wish Julia Good Luck!” — said Sergei in an interview with “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.

Supported Julia and dancer without legs Evgeny Smirnov, whose performance became a cause of scandal on the show “Minute of fame”.

“I very much hope that the choice of Julia as a performer was from the heart, if it was just PR, then I would be very sorry. Honestly, I think that if someone in Ukraine wants to somehow “bite” of our artist, the disability will not stop. Still, I hope that this will not happen, because it’s a European competition, and, wherever he passed, it brings its own atmosphere and traditions. And as you know, in Europe, the attitude to disabled people, and indeed to the people is quite another. Heard Julia sing, I think that she has a very beautiful voice and professional style of performance,” said Eugene in an interview with “MK”.


Due to accusations of profiteering on people with disabilities the situation was commented by the representatives of the First channel.

“Yulia Samoylova is going to Eurovision, because she is a talented singer, performing a good song. This is the only reason, and it is fully consistent with the goals and objectives of the international competition, in which Russia participates for many years. The choice of Yulia Samoilova nothing to do with the situation in the project “Minute of fame”. We are sorry about what happened on the project and did everything to rectify the situation as promptly as was possible. Julia is a strong person and a professional singer in no way inferior to the other contestants. Sure that this amazing girl with shining eyes will represent Russia at the contest”, — quotes the representatives of the First channel portal life.ru.

“Eurovision” is not the first competition for Julia. In 2013, the girl took part in the project Alla Pugacheva “factor a” and took second place. Alla was amazed at the talent of Julia and noted her personal award “Golden Star of Alla”. In addition, Samoilova acted at the opening of the Winter Paralympic games in Sochi in 2014. Touching the performance artist then left no one indifferent.

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