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Director bloody fantasy SKIF would not mind to make a horror movie!

If you’ve already read our review of Russian film “SKIF”, then you know that this movie led editor-in-chief of the Zone Horror in the puppy dog enthusiasm of his brutality, and the level of production. Seriously, SKIF , we are very, very much. So much so that we made contact (thank you good people for help!) with the Director and screenwriter of this film, Rustam Mosafir. An exclusive interview with him, read us soon, in the meantime, in an announcement, some quotes. The most interesting – as it turned out, he is not even willing to rent a real horror film!

Yes, I have a few ideas. Haven’t had a truly good film of fear — even in the world of cinema, not to mention ours. Now little standing paintings that would have worked with such emotion as fear. I’m leaning toward psychological horror. Something in the spirit of “don’t look now” or “Jacob’s Ladder”. And several options for the development of management by fear — choose the postulate “it is terrible, only that it is not clear”. Frightening is that disrupts the natural character of things is foreign in the world, and in our minds. The army of the living dead and ghouls will not, it is not scary. 🙂

When we asked about the Gore of”SKIF”, the Director said:

You need to understand that violence in movies is just a tool. If this tool is used poorly, the result will be terrible. If used correctly, it can be very interesting. But, in fact, is just a tool. And you need to be able to use it. In the “SKIF” violence for the sake of violence, it’s still not a slasher or splatterpunk. The violence in the film is meaningful and estetizirovat, it is part of the world and Outlook.

The full interview with Rustam Musafir will be published tomorrow.. I mean today, Monday, late afternoon. Don’t miss out! And don’t miss the film – it was just launched in theaters.

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